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Summer Camp Employment


Much of a camp’s success depends on the dedication and enthusiasm of a quality group of staff. Being a part of the camp leadership team is a rewarding responsibility. Additionally, spending a summer as a camp counselor can help you develop the skills and experience for a successful career, whatever your chosen career path happens to be. It is an opportunity to positively impact a young person’s life, and it will almost assuredly be one of the most rewarding summers of your life! ​


Do you need previous camp experience to work at a Colorado summer camp? Not necessarily. Previous work with youth is certainly helpful, as well as a natural leadership ability, a sense of adventure, a love for the outdoors and, most importantly, a commitment to providing a safe, memorable experience for young people. Some positions will require additional certifications such as Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder.

Some characteristics your Camp Director might be looking for include:

You are a leader and a team player.

You are quick-witted, flexible and innovative.
You are able to build a supportive community.
You embrace the challenge of changing conditions.
You are a problem solver, self-motivated and strategic.
You recognize the strengths and talents of each individual.
You adapt to the needs and interests of individual campers.
You are able to identify and effectively resolve potential conflicts.

You are a good communicator, caring, sensitive and encouraging.

You are lively and energetic, able to create a fun environment for learning.

You are comfortable mentoring campers and able to encourage participation.
You are a person of high integrity, always putting campers' needs ahead of your own.

You embrace the camp philosophy and are passionate about making a difference in children's lives.

You are keenly aware of potential risks, always putting camper safety ahead of all other considerations.

Join a Colorado summer camp for the time of your life. 
 Read more about the following camps that may be offering summer employment opportunities:

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