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How to Find the Right Camp

Finding Your Ideal Colorado Summer Camp

Spending part of a summer at a Colorado camp can be truly life-changing. With supportive leadership, Colorado summer camps help campers learn to be more independent, without the safety net of Mom & Dad close at hand. Campers gain confidence by learning new skills, successfully completing challenges, and working together with new friends toward common goals. A Colorado camp can be many things, among them: fun activities, epic adventures, learning new skills, exciting journeys to special places, exploring nature, outdoor education, fun with new friends, facing new challenges, learning and growing. But how to find the right camp for your child?

Camp is an ideal environment for gaining leadership skills, improving communication, forging relationships built on trust and mutual respect, and learning how to be an integral member of a team. Campers learn to work together toward common goals, to respect each other’s differences, and ultimately learn more about themselves. So how to choose a summer camp that will be a good fit for your young camper?

How to Choose a Summer Camp
Finding the Right Camp for Your Child

Of course, you'll want to consider your child's interests when selecting a summer camp. Additionally, to ensure the best possible experience for your child, do some research. Call the camp and speak with the Director. Find out as much as you can before making a commitment. A few things to consider:

  • Day camp or overnight/resident camp
    Is your camper ready for an extended stay away from home? Most resident camps offer sessions ranging from one to eight weeks.


  • Traditional camp or specialty?
    Traditional camps will provide a wide variety of experiences, whereas a specialty camp focuses on one or more select activities. What's your preference? Does your child do better with a lot of structure, or with the flexibility to choose from a selection of activities each day?


  • How big is the camp? Consider the enrollment.
    Is your camper more comfortable with a small group or large population? How many campers per cabin? Some larger camps will split campers into smaller units, allowing for a more personalized experience.


  • What is the camp philosophy? 
    Have you read the camp's mission statement? Does the camp philosophy jive with your own parenting philosophy?


  • What is the counselor:camper ratio? 
    Generally, the younger the camper population, the lower the ratio. Some camps with very young campers maintain a ratio as low as 3:1. You want to feel confident that your camper is safe and well supervised.


  • How long has the camp been in operation? 
    Ask about the Camp Director's background and experience.


  • How are staff selected? What ages are the counselors that will be responsible for your child? How many counselors are returning?


  • What is the camp philosophy on things like parent phone calls or visitation? This is important to understand ahead of time in the event issues like homesickness arise during camp.


  • Do you want a rustic environment or something more modern?


  • Do you prefer a more traditional camp with a base facility where campers spend most of their time, or more of an adventure-based program?


  • If you discover that your ideal camp is out of your price range, ask about scholarships.

When selecting a day camp, consider these points:

  • How many campers at one time, and what is the camper:counselor ratio?

  • Where will your child be picked up and dropped off?

  • Are there field trips? If so, how are campers transported?

  • Are there any periods during which campers are unsupervised?

  • How much freedom do campers have in selecting activities?

  • What does tuition cover, and what additional expenses might you incur?

  • Are overnights or campouts offered?

  • Is lunch included, or will your camper need to pack a lunch? What about snacks?

  • Is there instruction for various activities, or purely recreational?

  • Are parents allowed to visit during camp hours?


The more you know and the better prepared you are, the greater the likelihood that both you and your child will have a positive experience. Best of success finding your ideal Colorado summer camp. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific interests.

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