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Adventure Quest with Renaissance Adventures

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Boulder County/Denver, CO

Adventure Quest is experiential education at its best! It is an active, outdoor, imaginative, and collaborative role playing game designed for youth ages 6-17.


Each day is exciting and unique, filled with mysteries, puzzles and riddles to solve, maps to follow, monsters to outwit, and foes to battle using safe foam swords as the Questers save the kingdom. As the plot thickens, children's leadership skills and confidence grow along with their friendships!

Our Experiential Education Outcomes include: Critical Thinking, Ethical Reasoning, Decision Making, Social Development, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Creativity and Self-Esteem.

Renaissance Adventures offers summer camps, holiday camps, residential camp, after school programs, teen leadership CIT training, and birthday parties. We collaborate with school and community groups for special events and festivals.

Renaissance Adventures has been empowering youth since 1995, a place where every child gets to be a hero!

Some of our favorite camp activities:

  • Outdoor adventures

  • Live-action role play

  • Sword Skirmishes

  • Hiking

  • Games & RPG gaming

  • Teen leadership

  • Theater Games

  • Questing

  • Character development

  • Performance Art

  • Team building games

  • Solving riddles and mysteries

  • Creative writing

  • Imaginative play

  • Fantasy role playing

  • Exploring in Nature

  • Deciphering treasure maps

  • Sword Dueling

  • Collaborative storytelling

  • Outwitting mythical creatures

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